Living in a Poor Family


28 November 2012 | General Interest

Living in a Poor Family

This (unedited) story is written by a young Samoan girl attending High School. Her name and village are not disclosed to protect her privacy. 


I live in a family of eight people. My parents, one sister, and four brothers and me. My father is the only person in our family that got a job. My older brother, the youngest one and I are going to school but my older sister and my other brother are helping my mother doing the housework .

We haven’t got enough furnitures, only one bed, two chairs and one table and my father old bamboo sofa. We haven’t got much food when we have dinner every day, but we are always happy. We only have thirty sene in our pocket for lunch when we go to school, and also we walk to school and walk back home after school. We haven’t got enough clothes, we keep our nice dress to wear on Sunday when we go to church. Even though we have only these things but we are very happy to our dearly Lord. And pray to him to help my father, so that he can satisfy it someday.

We always play together, share our difficulties with each other, and help my parents if they need help. My father earn sixty five tala (Samoan dollars) from his job every Friday. He saved forty tala for our school fees, but the rest goes for our family’s needs. From that you know that we are in a bad situation of life. Even with these difficulties we are very happy, and work together to live in a comfortable family.