Purpose of our eNewsletter - Coming Soon


10 December 2012 | General Interest

Don Bosco Samoa Newsletter


The mission of Don Bosco in Samoa is to provide poor and disadvantaged young people with hope and a positive future by means of education, trades training, spiritual formation, sport and recreation activities and cultural opportunities.

Our e-Newsletter is one way of informing people about Don Bosco in Samoa, our work and the young people we serve.

The first Don Bosco Samoa e-Newsletter will shortly be available.

The purpose of this e-Newsletter is to:

  • provide news about events and activities in Don Bosco works in Samoa
  • promote the mission of Don Bosco in Samoa
  • provide informative and educational material so that readers are able to better understand the issues faced by the young and the poor in Samoa
  • celebrate the achievements of the mission of Don Bosco in Samoa
  • advertise fundraising appeals.