Did you know? St Vincent de Paul played volleyball!


16 February 2013 | General Interest

Did You Know?
St Vincent de Paul Played Volleyball


St Vincent de Paul playing volleyball?  Well, perhaps not the saint himself but certainly the group of boys from Don Bosco Technical Centre who are inspired by this great saint.

Even in his own day, Don Bosco was described as the “St Vincent de Paul of Italy” because of his work with and on behalf of the poor. Pope Benedict described both of them as “giants of charity”. The link between these two great saints continues at Don Bosco Technical Centre in the form of the St Vincent de Paul Group, a junior or youth conference, in which almost one quarter of the boys are involved. While maintaining a strong emphasis on working for the poor, the group has evolved at Don Bosco Technical Centre to also have the characteristics of a general Christian action group.

The group has quickly convened this year and held their first activity on Saturday 15 February. About 20 boys, accompanied by four teachers, had a working be to establish two new volleyball courts for students to use in their recreation times. Volleyball posts were constructed, the grass was cut back, a load of sand was used to level the ground and new nets and balls purchased. The boys worked cooperatively together accomplishing their tasks in record time thus leaving plenty of time for St Vincent de Paul, or at least the group named after him, to play volleyball thus put the new courts to the test and finding them to be more than satisfactory.