Athletics First


26 July 2013 | General Interest

Historic Athletics First

Don Bosco Technical Centre, Alafua, competed in the secondary schools athletics championships for the first time ever on Friday 26 July.  


It was an historic moment for small 24 student squad who were the first to ever represent Don Bosco Technical Centre in athletics.  All 180 students and 24 staff attended the meet to support the squad, which had trained with determination for a month beforehand and attended a two day training camp as part of their final preparations for the event.

There were jubilant cheers and sung celebrations as the first Don Bosco boy ever to compete crossed the line in first place in the intermediate 400m hurdles.  That was the first of a number of successes for Don Bosco boys, four of whom will progress to the finals in mid-August.  

There was significant media attention given to Don Bosco Alafua's participation in the event as everyone was curious about the new team competing for the first time.  Principal, Fr Chris Ford, was called upon to explain why Don Bosco was competing when its students were overage.  "Our boys range in age from 16 to 22," he explained to a TV crew, "and so we have a number of students who qualify to compete in the intermediate and senior sections.  We have adhered to all the criteria establlished by the organising committee for all schools to comply with and our over age boys are cheering and supporting their companions rather than competing."

Don Bosco students were thrilled and excited that they finally had a team competing and gave a rousing reception to the squad when it was announced that they had been placed 6th in the intermediate boys division and 5th in the senior boys division.  All concerned were happy with these results from the small but determined squad who competed fiercly against much larger schools.

Relay Victory
Heading for Relay Victory 
Don Bosco Squad

Squad Assembles


Great Throw
Great Throw - into the Finals 
Student Spectators
Student Supporters