YES + Don Bosco = Opportunities


12 August 2013 | General Interest

Unique Industry - Education
Training Agreement

New opportunities abound for students as Don Bosco and Yazaki EDS Samoa, the country's leading manufacturer establish a joint training programme.


Yazaki EDS Samoa (YES), based at Vaitele, manufactures electrical harnesses (the electrical wiring) for cars built in Australia.  Don Bosco Technical Centre offers technical training to boys and young men in a variety of trades including electronics and electrical.  Now YES and Don Bosco have established a pilot programme in which two Don Bosco electrical students will undertake part of their training at Yazaki.  

It is hoped that the pilot programme will expand and develop over time.  It will be beneficial to Don Bosco students as it provides them with genuine industry experience.  It is likewise valuable to YES as they will, over time, have a pool of trained graduates to provide greater stability and continuity to their workforce.

Senior Executives from YES visited Don Bosco on Friday for a joint press conference to announce the exciting pilot programme, which has the full support of the company's Vice-President, Mr Shuji Tange, and the General Manager of Yazaki Samoa, Funefeai Oliva Va'ai.  

The two Year 3 Specialist Electrical students from Don Bosco, Junior Taitin and Fagalele Savea, are thilled that they will commence their programme on Tuesday next week.  The eight week training programme will spend three days a week at the factory and two days a week at Don Bosco for a period of six weeks plus two weeks of full time training during the school holidays.

The programme is an excellent example of the cooperation between industry and education and training providers. Such cooperation has been identified as vital to the development of the Technical and Vocational Training Sector and offers industry a means of contributing to the ongoing development of the national economy by facilitating the training of future employees.

 Yazaki Staff and Don Bosco Staff and students