Culture Day Strengthens House Identity


29 November 2013 | General Interest

House identity strengthened by Culture Day.

Don Bosco Alafua Culture Day


Samoa has a culture rich in ritual, story, song, dance and speech-making. Students from Don Bosco Technical Centre immersed themselves in these traditions as the celebrated Culture Day towards the end of Term 4.

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Each House was required to act out a story, to present a song / dance and to choose a representative to give a speech. The stories depicted myths and legends about daily life in Samoa and well as re-enactments of famous historical events. Each House was required to sing one song related to the history of Don Bosco Alafua, one song with a religious theme and one traditional Samoan song. The speeches, presented in full ceremonial dress, featured matters of current interest including respect for family, obedience to parents and the joy of celebrating Samoan culture.

The guest judges for the day were Fr Iosefo (Parish Priest of Sinamoga / Moamoa), Sr Losa (Lecturer at Moamoa Theological College) and Fr Petelo (Parish Priest of Leauva’a). They were unanimous in their praise for the quality of the performances, the standard of the acting and the thoroughness of the students’ preparations.

Previous Culture Days at Don Bosco Alafua have focussed on preparing traditional foods. This was the first time the school has used this format. However, in keeping with Samoan tradition, the food was not forgotten and a hearty meal was enjoyed by all after the performances, followed by the students’ favourite treat: a chilli choc ice-cream.

One of the features of the day was the bonding and building of House spirit. A new House System was introduced earlier this year and all students, from Year 1 to Year 4, were assigned to a House, to which they will belong for their entire four years at Don Bosco. A number of House activities have consolidated the emerging House identity. Next year the Houses will be allocated names associated with the Salesian tradition and the history of the Centre. In addition, the number of House activities will be significantly increased, including a range of sporting activities.