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6 April 2014 | General Interest

New Bus for Don Bosco Salelologa

Report from the Sunday Samoan Newspaper (6 April 2014)


Don Bosco College and Vocational Centre in Salelologa Savai’i celebrated the arrival of a long awaited 39 seater school bus on Friday 4 April.

To get the bus from China it cost the school WST$281,750. The need for the bus was to:
provide alternative safe and free transport for students
ensure regular and punctual attendance
provide transport to sporting, cultural and other educational activities.

Back in August 2013, Principal Fr Mosese Tu’i and a team embarked on an ambitious fundraising event “Walk for a Bus”. This was launched on 16th August 2013, and completed a one-week walk around the island of Savai’i by the 21st August. With the local community (both Upolu and Savai’i), joined by supporters and friends from overseas via online pledges, the “Walk for a Bus” raised WST$213,000. The remainder of the costs was covered by funds raised by the Parents and Teachers Association.

On Friday, the day was full of celebrations and gratitude from students, parents and the staff alike.

“This has been hard work, but to finally have the bus here is truly a relief, and it has made the hard work all worthwhile,” said Fr Mosese. “We could not have done it alone and I am grateful to the people of Samoa for their support, overseas friends and families and not forgetting our Samoan Salesian Community”.

Salesian Community Samoa, Bluesky Samoa, Va-i-moana Resort Asau, Strickland Brothers Ltd and W.T.M. Media were major sponsors for the “Walk for a Bus” fundraising.

You can get a glimpse of Don Bosco’s School bus tomorrow when the school travels to Upolu for Years 12 and 13 field trips.

Salelologa Bus and Students 

Salelologa Bus