Don Bosco Alafua ready for another year


30 January 2015 | General Interest

New School Year at Don Bosco Alafua


The new school year commenced with a flurry of activity for staff and students at Don Bosco Technical Centre in Alafua. Staff were busy preparing classes and the implementation of new training packages, which will hopefully soon be accredited by the Samoa Qualifications Authority.

Fautasi Racing

Students new and old registered their intention to return to Don Bosco and many dreamt of the activities to come throughout the year. New students are looking forward to the workshops, sport and fautasi (long boat) racing. Returning students were just happy to be reunited with friends. For some the start was by a few days as boats from Tokelau were delayed due to heavy seas.

The whole school joined together in celebrating 200th anniversary of Don Bosco's birth at a special Mass to inaugurate the new school year. Led by Fr Paselio with Fr Filiipo as the preacher, the Mass featured long Samoan hyms in honour of St John Bosco .

Another year has begun. May it be filled with God's blessings