Don Bosco Boys training hard for American Samoa


25 March 2015 | General Interest

All Systems Go

The crew of the Don Bosco 200 fautasi (longboat) are about mid-way through their training for the American Samoa Flag Day race.  They are presently undertaking a five week training camp using the Hall at Don Bosco Technical Centre as their base.


The training day starts early with a dawn run, followed by weights and other strengthening exercises.  Then it is a full day at school before the team take to the water and train on the boat, concentrating on technique, timing and working together.

The training is led by the Mr Isitolo Stanley, with the assistance of other teachers, who are also camping at school.  The team captain, Vaimasinuu Zita Martel, joins the team on the water each afternoon.  

Each evening the crew gather together after a long day of training and work in the classrooms and workshops.  The evening commences with prayer, with pairs from the crew taking it in turn to lead.  Singing, scripture readings, a short reflection and a moment of prayer ... it is a special part of the day for all involved.  Then it's time for some food, usually a health chicken soup with lots of meat and vegetables.  The trainer, Isitolo, has the final say as he reviews the day and explains the programme for the following day.  

Fautasi Racing
Auvaa Training


The training staff are complemented by a dedicated team of students and teachers who do all the cooking and prepare three meals a day for the crew.

The countdown is on as the team prepares for the ocean-based race in Pago Pago Harbour, American Samoa in mid-April.Auvaa Training