Don Bosco and the All Blacks


8 July 2015 | General Interest

Half Time Entertainment at Test Mactch


There has never been anything like it in Samoa. It truly was an historical day. The All Blacks came to Samoa for the first time to take on the Manu Samoa. And Don Bosco was in the middle of it all … literally.

YouTube clip from Sky Sports NZ 

The excitement had been building for some time. It seemed that every village, business, school and home was festooned with All Blacks and Manu Samoa memorabilia. The whole country was abuzz. There was a grand welcome at the airport and parade through the streets of Apia. But all hearts were intent on the game. Those without tickets crowded around the giant screen, especially erected outside the Government Building. Others gathered around TVs. But Samoa stopped for “the game”. Never before had there been a rugby union test match between New Zealand and Samoa, in Samoa.

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The boys of Don Bosco Technical Centre, Alafua, were just as captivated by the game as everyone else … probably more … for they had the distinction of performing the half-time entertainment … a series of three short, energetic dances lasting no more than six minutes (but more than six weeks in preparation) and filled with joy, vitality and creativity.

The performance was received with great affection and admiration for it complemented the day and the moment perfectly. It was a thoroughly Samoan performance but filled with references to rugby, the All Blacks, New Zealand, Maori culture and the Manu Samoa.

Fr Petelo Vito, Rector of the Alafua Community, described the performance as "outstanding ... perhaps the best I've ever seen".  High praise from one who knows about Samoan siva.