Stations of the cross


24 March 2016 | General Interest


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Within a blink of an eye, Term 1 was almost complete. In the lead up to the final week of term, the boys were rehearsing hard for the annual school Easter event of ‘Stations of the cross’. The Stations of the Cross is a very important part of the Samoan Catholic faith. Catholic Samoans will perform this ceremony to pay respect to and remember the sacrifices made by Jesus for his people. On Holy Thursday, the last day of term, the boys had arrived at school by 8am, madlyrushing to get themselves into costumes and setting up final props. By 8.30 both staff and students were gathered together to begin the special ceremony. The malae (school oval) had been elegantly prepared with crosses and stations in anticipation. Each year level and class had an important role to play in demonstrating the final moments of Jesus’ life. The story began with a skit performed from some of the teachers, which seamlesslytransitioned into the scenes acted out by the students. Each year level and class had a role to play, the Year 1’s were up first, and the story flowed effortlessly, before the ceremony was concluded with very moving final scenes with Year 3 and Year 4 boys. Although the temperature outside was extremely hot, and the sun was blazing down, every boy was focused and respectful. It was a very beautiful and solemn ceremony, which was carried out with grace and dignity. Following the Stations of the Cross there was a brief assembly, where a few speeches were made, and a farewell was completed.