Don Bosco and the Salesians


The Salesians are an order of Catholic priests and brothers founded in the mid-1800’s by St John Bosco (1815 – 1888).


Don Bosco, as he is affectionately known around the world, was a priest who grew up on a poor family and devoted his life to total wellbeing of the young, primarily through education and spiritual formation.

Today there are about 15,000 Salesians continuing Don Bosco’s mission to the young in 130 countries including Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.

Don Bosco used the method of ‘reason, religion and loving kindness’ to form young people as ‘good Christians and honest citizens’. He intuitively understood the innate goodness of the young and their capacity for positive action. He utilised the natural energy of the young to engage them constructively in games, education, training and religious activities. His methods, deemed innovative in his own times, remain a powerful force for educating the young people.