Educational Resources


Educational Resources

Please find below links to a series of Powerpoint presentations (in pdf format) that provide an overview of Samoa, the challenges that face Samoa, and the work of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Samoa. 


01 - Samoa Overview
This Powerpoint provides an overview of Samoa, including some basic geography, some insights into Samoan society and the situation of young people in Samoa.


02 - Samoa Economy

This Powerpoint describes some of the basic elements of the Samoan economy, which, though stable, is vulnerable to natural disasters and international financial pressures


03 - Samoa Education

This Powerpoint explores education in Samoa, and the impact of poverty upon the educational opportunities on many young Samoans.


04 - Samoa Poverty and Basic Services

This Powerpoint looks at poverty in Samoa and describes some of the basic services available in the country.


05 - Don Bosco Samoa

This Powerpoint offers an overview of the Salesians of Don Bosco and the work they undertake on behalf of poor and disadvantaged young people.


06 - Salesian Parishes in Samoa

This Powerpoint provides an insight into the work of the Salesians on Don Bosco in the three parishes entrusted to it.


07 - Don Bosco Technical Centre, Alafua

This Powerpoint explores the unique opportunities offered to boys needing a "second chance" for an education in a variety of trades.


08 - Don Bosco High School and Vocational Centre, Salaleloga

This Powerpoint examines the newest Don Bosco work in Samoa, a combined secondary school and vocational training centre on Savai'i, the largest and poorest of the two main islands of Samoa.

Feast of Don Bosco 2012

A visual depiction of the events of the Feast of St John Bosco 2012