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Don Bosco Samoa relies upon your generous assistance to sustain and extend its vital work amongst poor and disadvantaged youth in Samoa. 


Donations to Don Bosco Samoa are processed through ASMOAF for taxation and administrative purposes.  Donations for the relief of poverty and humanitarian development are tax deductible under Australian Taxation Law.  Donations for religious purposes are not tax deductible. Further details regarding donations can be found in the Donation Information section. Your donation is important to us and most appreciated. 

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If you leave this box ticked your donation will be used for the relief of poverty, humanitarian development and educational projects and your receipt will allow you to claim a tax deduction under Australian law. If you untick this box your donation may be used for religious purposes, including the support of parish programmes and the training of Salesian seminarians for the Pacific. You will receive a receipt but you will not be able to use it to claim a tax deduction as donations for religious or political purposes do not qualify for tax concessions under Australian law.


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